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Monday - Saturday
kl. 07:00 til 21:00
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We welcome you to
Hotel Klaksvík is well located in Klaksvík,
Faroe Island.
With a beautiful view over the city, you can enjoy
good food and a pleasant visit. Free wireless internet connection
Hotel Klaksvik
Víkavegur 38
FO-700 Klaksvík
Faroe Islands
Phone +298 455333, Fax +298 457233
Maile: hotelklaksvik@hotelklaksvik.fo 
Homepage: www.hotelklaksvik.fo
Mobile  +298 220723
Mobile  +298 226151

Hotel Klaksvik
Víkavegur 38, FO-700 Klaksvík, Faroe Islands, Tel. +298 455333, Fax +298 457233, hotelklaksvik@hotelklaksvik.fo 
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